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A lively city in the heart of Europe. Many people come to visit Hungary for different reasons. Some may come to study and work - the country has a great English speaking community and expats do return to this country when they have finished their mission and let others know about this marvellous country.

Another group is the experienced traveller that do not miss on the beauties, cultural values and events like the Sziget festival and other major evenets that attract thousand of tourists to Hungary. The third group is the business traveller that see opportunites to cooperate with companies in the region and do benefit from the opportunites Hungary offers.

The language sounds difficult to work with but people are nice and helpful in both the capital Budapest and the rural areas as well. Standard of living is close to Western European niveau except for the fact that average Hungarian salaries are at 500 USD - which seems contradictory to the livestyle people have - so it remains a mystery how they achieve this.

Another feature of Budapest is dental treatment abroad patients that flock the country - dentistry is offered at high standards that beat both quality and prices of Western Europe to a degree that patients with a tooth problem come to have their dental implants, tooth whitening, bridges and crowns for a fraction of their home dental costs (up to 70%) in an enticing, professional environment - ONLY 2 hours of flight from London and they can get much for their money than back at home.

Welcome to Budapest, Hungary!


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